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19 September, 2019


RHS Flower Show Tatton Park – The Poisonous Garden


Visitors to the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park are in for a curious and macabre experience this year.

Completely unlike anything created before at an RHS show, The Poisonous Garden will delight and shock visitors, young and old, in equal measure.

Visitors will be able to view four gardens through a series of port windows, from large shipping container-sized structures clothed in anatomical drawings.

Michael John McGarr, garden designer, said: “We have loved every second of working on this project with the brilliant events team at RHS Tatton.

“We’ve seen numerous show gardens about the healing properties of plants, which we always love. But it’s equally as fascinating to discover the more gruesome side of plant life and ecology.

“The concept behind this year’s main exhibit is to really engage visitors, whether they are young children or seasoned gardeners, and give them a chance to explore firsthand a number of poisonous plants they may never have seen before, but also find out about the toxic natures of others, which are common British garden plants.”

Michael has worked with his business partner Robert Warnes and RHS Tatton show manager Isobel Coulter since January this year planning out this large exhibit ready for the show in July.

Visitors will walk through different sections called: Pretty Deadly, featuring poisonous and deadly plants; Hungry Plants, featuring carnivorous plants; Apothecary, which will explore medicinal plants which can both kill and cure; and Plant Defence, which examines how plants defend themselves – with spikes or smells, for example.

There is also a huge caged Cycas revoluta (Sago palm) which is poisonous if any parts of it are ingested, particularly the seeds, and has no known antidote.

This native Japanese palm is the “King Kong” to the exhibition, and concealed within a large cage.

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park takes place from 18th-22nd July.

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