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17 April, 2019


Rowing at Royals – summer 2018


Commencing Monday 30th July, Royal Chester Rowing Club (known as ‘Royals’) will be running a series of summer rowing experience courses for youngsters to gain experience in the sport.

Royals is the oldest rowing club in the UK, first established in 1838. The club prides itself on its community ethos and volunteer coaches, who dedicate time and resources to establish rowing as a fun yet disciplined structure sport.

Developing fitness and an awareness of teamwork, the club’s juniors train both on and off the water to improve their technique as well as their confidence and strength.

Many then go on to volunteer in a junior leader role, mentoring the next generation of rowers whilst developing their own leadership skills.

For over 15 years Royals has also offered rowing as a summer activity for youngsters in the local community, growing it into an inclusive sport for all.

Junior coordinator Michal Palamarczuk explained: “Every year we have more and more youngsters (from age 12) joining in our safely run river and land training adventure in rowing and sculling.

“As a club we have, over the years, been fortunate to have trained athletes presently and historically for British rowing squads and eventual Olympic squad selection.”

Michal added: “Trying the sport and then joining Royals as a junior member enables them to enter for competitions both locally and nationally.”

The course will include an introduction to Royals, along with a site tour and distribution of training logbooks and experience tshirts.

Participants will then be guided through the technical details of rowing stroke as well as land rowing exercises before being introduced to the water in singles and playboats.

They’ll experience sculling and coxing as well as spending time in crew boats – with improvers allowed to progress to more difficult challenges.

Also included in the course will be relay competitions, strength and conditioning exercises, capsizing drills and a certificate presentation.

The courses each last five half days (either 9.30am-12.30pm or 1.30pm-4.30pm daily) although it is possible to book onto full days (ie: mornings and afternoons) as well as attending multiple weeks.

For further details, please contact Michal on 07966 646 407 or [email protected].


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