2017 Goostrey Rose Queen chosen

Abigail Burgess becomes Rose Queen Elect

Goostrey Rose Festival's Rose Queen Elect 2017 has been announced as Abigail Burgess.

Her attendants will be Rebecca Main, Mika Mizunoue and Evie Thirlwell, who will accompany Abi during the traditional event due to be held in June. Abi's attendants have participated in Rose Day with her every year since pre-school.

Members of Abigail's family have been attending and assisting with Goostrey Rose Day since the 1950s, with Abi herself attending her first Rose Day when she was just six days old.

Abi is the ninth child in her family to participate, and is the first in her family to be crowned Rose Queen. Organisers said: “It’s been a long wait but worth it as Abi is not only the ninth child in the Burgess family to participate she is also the first Rose Queen.”

Chris Burgess, chair of the annual festival, commented: “Goostrey Rose Day remains a very important part of our village life and it is very satisfying to see so many girls wanting to be our queen”

Molly Withe has been selected as Rosebud Queen - with Rosie Gyurkovits announced as her Lady in Waiting and Tiah Mills, Libby Hammond and Hannah Graythe as her attendants.

The event takes place in Goostrey village, near Holmes Chapel, on Saturday 24th June 2017.

The very first duty of the Rose Queen, just before she is crowned, is to lay a wreath on the War Memorial at St Luke’s Church, Goostrey.

Organisers say this is a very touching part of Rose Day, but, as the main part of the procession will have peeled away to the school field when this takes place, it is one that many people miss.

They are extending an invitation to all those who would like to see the Rose Queen lay the wreath, and join in the prayers led by our vicar, to join them at approximately 1.40pm on Rose Day.

For more information and images, please see: www.goostreyrosefestival.co.uk

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