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17 April, 2019


Update: Knutsford vape shop


Image: via Twitter


Knutsford’s newest retailer has certainly caused some discussion.

You only need to take a look at our Reader’s Letters section here.

And following much discussion on our Facebook feed yesterday (Tuesday 7th August) it’s easy to see the debate is currently a burning issue for the town!

While some are completely against the new vape store opening, others are apparently objecting to what they describe as the ‘garish’ nature of the signage.

The are others, too, who believe that either of the above viewpoints are snobby and unwarranted.

Whatever your viewpoint, the law does require some permissions to be in place.

While there is no issue with the store itself – it’s a shop, occupying an A1 usage class (shop) unit – and Knutsford Town Council confirmed earlier this week: “A vape shop is a shop; so no permission required to open one in an existing shop (A1 usage class) unit.”

The town council asked Cheshire East Council to check if the store’s signage complied with advertising regulations.

In an update today (Wednesday 8th August) a Knutsford Town Council spokesperson told us: “Knutsford Town Council are working with the owners of In Vape, the new shop in 6 Canute Place, to ensure their signage is in keeping with the conservation area within Knutsford.”

They added: “The owners have been advised by Cheshire East and to remove the sign by Monday 8th August, speak to the Cheshire East Council’s heritage and conversation officer for guidance before submitting plans for new signage.”

While there are undoubtedly always going to be two sides to this debate, there is a legal requirement for the shop’s signage to be in keeping with the existing conservation area.

Evidence of this is apparent when you consider that a nearby takeaway was required to change its signage not too long ago due to it initially not meeting the criteria.

We have contacted the store for comment, but have received no response.


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