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27 January, 2020


Wilmslow Rex Cinema refurb underway



Work at Wilmslow’s new Rex Cinema is coming along at a pace, with the rake for the seating in Screen One now almost complete!

This will provide more legroom and give an greater view from all seats in the auditorium.

Back in September, the first job was to take out all of the old seats to make way for the new and improved seating at the cinema.



The number of seats in the auditorium is being reduced by more than half to ensure maximum comfort when movie-goers visit to watch a film.

The new owners will be reusing the stanchions from the old seats (once fully cleaned), but will be replacing the seats themselves to make them bigger and more comfortable.



There have been some exciting discoveries as work has progressed – for instance, an old sign which was found whilst clearing out one of the store rooms (and it’s hoped that it will soon feature somewhere in the new venue).



Exciting developments are also being made in relation to the cinema’s main remit too – namely, what will be on the big screen when it flickers back into life again.

Sophie Mundin, a member of the family of film enthusiasts who have taken on the running of The Rex, said: “We are very excited about the Rex for many reasons, but one of the main ones is that it will be our first two screen cinema.”

The family currently operates three other cinemas around the country, the closest to Wilmslow being The Savoy in Heaton Moor.

Sophie continued: “One of our favourite things to do is choose what films are shown each month and with two screens to play with, it means an even bigger variety of films, including blockbusters, arthouse, foreign language, indie, documentaries and our satellite screenings.”

She added: “The most important thing about a cinema is the films and we were very happy to be invited to a slate day at Picturehouse Central in London to see what’s coming up in 2019.”

The response from local people to the news that that the cinema is opening again has been overwhelming and there are now over 2,500 subscribed as members!

Sophie confirmed: “We will send out all membership packs with membership cards and free tickets at the start of December, which will be perfect timing for anyone who has bought the membership as a very nice Christmas gift for someone special.

“We are hoping to announce an opening date for the cinema shortly and we’re on site seven days a week to try and get open as soon as possible!”

An official opening date is expected to be announced later this month.

“A huge thank you to everyone for your support, kind words and for those of you who have taken out a membership with us already,” said Sophie.

“All the money made from the memberships will be put straight towards the renovation, which will make the Rex even better!”

There are currently some banners and leaflets outside The Rex with some information regarding the new cinema and memberships.

We’ll keep you updated on all the latest developments here.