Academy session for Poynton football youngsters


A Wilmslow physio has launched a special programme for local youth sports clubs to learn about the strategies professional sports stars use to keep fit and strong, and at the top of their game.

The first local team to trial a session was Poynton-based 8By8 Football Academy who took their sporty youngsters to Harris & Ross in Wilmslow on 6th March 2018.

Fifteen under-10s and their parents headed to the clinic for an evening of football-related presentations and activities.

Jeff Ross, clinic director, said: “Players are getting into high level sport earlier and earlier, and in football, for instance, once signed to a club youngsters are generally well looked after physically.

“However, there are lots of academy level players who are perhaps in one, two, even three  premier league development squads, training up to seven times a week and don’t have any support from a physical wellbeing, strength and conditioning perspective.

“This is where it is so important for parents and players alike to be mindful about safeguarding against injury and create their own support techniques and team.”

Alex Brown, head of 8By8, added: “We saw the football session as a great opportunity for the team to get an impression of how hard players have to work to actually become a footballer.

“Plus it demonstrated the fact that whilst huge effort needs to come from the individual, having a great team around you is an integral part of going far in the game.”

The young players heard talks starting with presenter Jake Miller who discussed his daughter Lara’s journey from local league girls football to her current place in the Manchester City U16 squad.

He explained how 15 year old Lara now trains four nights a week and can cover up to 160km each month on the pitch alone, making body maintenance and injury management a key part of her ongoing development.

Ex-Manchester City physiotherapist Dave Williams then talked to players about the key ingredients needed to make it big in football, how to look after themselves physically and the common growth related issues Harris & Ross see that can occur in young players.

The under-10s from Poynton were then treated to break out sessions, where clinic podiatrist Tom Johnson gave them all a mini gait analysis, head of high performance Darren Roberts gave a practical session on dynamic warm ups for elite sports people and Dave Williams took the team through stretching techniques for post match using foam rollers & trigger point balls.

The evening was a great success and delivered a real insight to all involved about the importance of looking after young players.

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