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28 March, 2020


An evening with Paul Braithwaite



The East Cheshire Hospice Wilmslow Support Group recently organised a presentation by Paul Braithwaite at Alderley Edge Golf Club during which Paul spoke about his experience of climbing Mount Everest, amongst others.

The event was a huge success, with 100 people in attendance, and Paul’s talk is said to have been both informative and inspiring.

His tales of climbing up mountains left the audience awestruck.

His modest presentation style made little of the life threatening adventures he experienced, and the variety questions he was asked at the end of the talk demonstrated how engaged his audience was.

Spokesperson Ned Spencer commented: “The Alderley Edge Golf Club were well organised and looked after the attendees very well.”

He added: “The local ECH support group is busy planning a number of different events.

“The success of this talk is down to the hard work and enthusiasm of our member Chris Manley.

“We’re planning a series of events over the year – please get involved!”

Altogether around £1,200 was raised for East Cheshire Hospice at the evening with Paul Braithwaite, and it’s hoped that the success of this will be the basis of more fundraising this year.

The next event, due to be held in May, is the ‘Beating The Bounds’ which is a walk following the boundary of Wilmslow Parish.

For more information, and to get involved in the ECH supporters group in Wilmslow…

Phone: 07867 802 744

Email: [email protected]



Photo: (L-R) Paul Braithwaite and Chris Manley