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27 January, 2020


Becky takes the ‘veg pledge’


Being vegetarian or vegan is, more often than not, a personal lifestyle choice – but if you’re someone who likes a roast dinner and dreams of stacked burgers, going veggie for a whole month is a real triumph of willpower!

That’s the challenge Crewe Volkswagen receptionist Rebecca Richardson set herself with the aim of raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Rebecca explained: “I decided to do the veg pledge for Cancer Research UK, I wanted to raise money to fund new research.

“For me, it’s a charity that’s very close to home; I’ve lost family and friends to cancer and am close to others who are currently fighting this horrible illness.”



“Going meat free has been a lot harder than I imagined; I initially struggled to find meat replacements, however as the days went by I found I started to almost enjoy it.

“I felt full of energy and much more motivated to cook healthy meals; I found it encouraged me to explore cooking and eating lots of different vegetables in new ways.”

Rebecca added: “Don’t get me wrong, there were days when I craved my favourite sausage and mash, so, I’m afraid it hasn’t made me into a veggie.

“I miss my sausages too much, but I will be eating less meat in future.”

As Crewe Volkswagen is part of family-owned Swansway Motor Group, Becky received a donation from the company towards her fundraising efforts.