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13 February, 2020


BIDs join forces to champion West Cheshire


Five Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Cheshire have joined forces to promote their members’ businesses, and to help attract inward investment.

The West Cheshire BID Group is made up of: CH1ChesterBID, Northwich BID, Gadbrook Park BID, Winsford Industrial Estate BID and West Chester Commercial BID.

The collective has formed to champion projects currently operating within West Cheshire.

Combined, the group represents nearly 1,200 businesses – making it among the largest business collectives in the borough.

In addition, BID member businesses employ tens of thousands of people from the local area and contribute hundreds of millions of pounds in rates and taxes to the local economy.

By working together, the five BIDs say they will be able to share information and methods of best practice, and also have a better ability to help members reduce costs.

A collaborative approach will enable the BIDs to explore funding opportunities which will be vital in trying to secure inward investment.

Another key objective of the group is to raise the profile and influence of the businesses which the West Cheshire BIDs represent at a local, regional and national level. 

Northwich BID manager Jane Hough said of the group’s formation: “This is a positive and exciting partnership which will not only benefit each BID area within West Cheshire but the businesses they represent too.”

Jane added: “Activities, initiatives and events can be honed by discussing best practices, and by working together we stand a better chance of championing West Cheshire and raising awareness of the brilliant businesses and professionals that do amazing work in the region every day.”

CH1ChesterBID manager Carl Critchlow said the creation of the West Cheshire BID group can only benefit the area and what each BID is trying to achieve. 

“While each BID area has its own unique requirements we all share the same goal, to support our businesses and help them to thrive and grow.

“Each of the BIDs within this new group will bring unique expertise, knowledge and ideas that can be shared and implemented to benefit and enhance what they’re delivering. 

“The West Cheshire area has masses of potential and it is clear BIDs will play a key role in the region’s future success is a thriving environment and I’ve experienced first-hand the amazing work the BID projects in this area are doing.”