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28 March, 2020


Celebratory gin launched for St Luke’s 30th birthday


A limited edition gin has been launched as part of St Luke’s 30th birthday celebrations. 

Just 600 bottles of the celebratory ‘AT 30’ gin have been made – with all profits going directly to the hospice.

It was officially launched at the Party Gras event held at Dorfold Park on Friday 27th July.

Each bottle has a unique batch number, to mark the special occasion.

Vice president of St Luke’s and chairman of the Party Gras committee, Roger Mills MBE, said: “We are very excited about the launch of this limited edition, small batch gin and so grateful to Rodney Densem Wines for their kind support.

“We hope people enjoy this celebratory drink and help to support St Luke’s Hospice in the process.”

Roger added: “The exciting label design of AT 30 gin is thanks to an ongoing in-kind collaboration with trCREATIVE of Nantwich.

“Their ideas have helped turn two great fundraising initiatives into reality.”

Nick Gent, director of RDW, said: “We’re delighted to be associated with St Luke’s Hospice to launch their very special At 30 gin for their 30th anniversary.”

He added: “At 30 gin is a raspberry and blueberry based gin, small batch, artisan and very high quality.”

The gin will be distributed to outlets across Cheshire and beyond.