CH1ChesterBID secures 84% ‘yes’ vote


The city’s Business Improvement District (BID) has been renewed for a second five-year term


Companies across Chester have delivered a resounding ‘yes’ vote in support of the city’s Business Improvement District (BID) during a renewal ballot this month.

It gives the organisation behind CH1CHesterBID the green light to deliver another five years of city centre improvements.  

The BID won 84% of support from voters in the city centre during a recent ballot, which took place throughout June and concluded on 4th July.

More than half of city centre businesses within the BID area voted in the ballot, with the ‘yes’ votes representing 80% of the total rateable value of all the properties that voted.

Over £2 million in private-sector funds will be invested into Chester city centre as a result of the decision.

CH1ChesterBID’s renewal manifesto focussed on an ambitious new business plan which features a range of improvements across the city centre.

It incorporates a range of new initiatives, including improved digital infrastructure for city centre wifi and a unique Chester Gift Card to provide a boost for high street stores.



Carl Critchlow, CH1ChesterBID manager, said: “We’re thrilled that the BID has the support of so many businesses throughout the city centre.

“We represent such a diverse and expansive range of businesses, and we worked closely with them to develop a new five-year plan based on their feedback and suggestions. 

“Our business plan was extremely well-received and generated an overwhelmingly positive response from our members

“They felt we’d taken the time to understand the improvements they wanted to see in the city and have created solutions to help their businesses move forward.”

The BID team work closely with city centre businesses offering support on everything from marketing to city cleanliness.

The BID also employs Chester’s popular welcome ambassadors, Monica and Luka.

Carl continued: “As a team, we’re excited to start working on our new plan and are motivated to get things moving for the city.

“We’ve made a promise to our businesses and over the next five years, we’ll continue to work exceptionally hard to deliver on it and make things happen.”

He added: “We want to thank our businesses for putting their trust in us and allowing us to deliver on an exciting new phase for Chester city centre.”

All businesses within the designated BID catchment zone with a rateable value over £18,000 were eligible to vote as part of the renewal ballot.

In order to be voted in for a second-term at least 51% of businesses that voted needed to vote in favour by business vote and rateable value.