Crewe SEAT to ‘take an hour’ for autism


Public spaces can overwhelming for those who suffer from autism, which is why – as part of their ‘Too Much Information’ campaign – the National Autistic Society is encouraging businesses to take part in an Autism Hour.

Crewe SEAT, on Third Avenue in Crewe, has taken up the idea and will be holding their Autism Hour on Wednesday 10th October starting at 10am.

Andy Barnes, head of business at the centre, explained: “We’re part of Swansway Motor Group, a family owned and run business and as such we try to get involved in campaigns that affect family life.

“Being on the autistic spectrum or having a child on the spectrum can make everyday things that the rest of us take for granted very difficult and so we wanted to back the National Autistic Society in their Autism Hour initiative.”

At 10am on 10th October, Crewe SEAT will put in place a number of changes that will make the centre an easier place to shop for those with autism.

The changes will include: dimming the lights, turning off the music, turning off TVs and customer-facing screens, moving the showroom cars around to give more floor-space and providing a quiet room.

Staff are also being given training on how to modify their communication skills when interacting with autistic people.

Andy added: “As a group Swansway makes a donation to Circus Starr for every Motability vehicle we sell; the Circus Starr events are adapted for autism and of course lots of other disabilities.

“We hope that in taking part in this, we can help make those with autism feel included and learn for ourselves how a few simple changes can make our dealership more autism friendly.”