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Easy ways to expand your eBay business


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If you have started a business and are selling on eBay, you will want to maximise its impact.

Since it was first introduced in 1995, eBay has grown to be one of the largest e-commerce platforms and now has over 25 million sellers. You can be part of that success if you follow a few easy tips.


Add a new listing every day

If you have 10 new items to list, your eBay store will be more effective if you list one a day for 10 days rather than putting them all on at once.

The way the eBay algorithms work, you are increasing the odds of getting visitors to your eBay store by doing it this way.

Re-visitors will see new items too which will help to keep their interest alive and has to be good for business.

If you have nothing new to add, try changing something slightly. If an item is not selling too well, put it on special offer.


Don’t run out of stock

A buyer will have more trust if your listing shows that several have been sold.

When you run out of stock, you lose the selling history for that product and many consumers will not purchase something if they appear to be the first to buy.

You need to keep the stock flowing to keep the sales. 

Local storage facilities can be a great way of keeping items that are selling well so that you always have them when needed.

For example, Safestore Self Storage has easily accessible units that have 24 hour recorded CCTV, so your stock will be protected and ready to access whenever you need it.

Every time you have to put an item on backorder, you are likely to lose that customer, so keeping plenty of stock is key.


Check out the competition

Check out the competition and see what you can do to make your product more appealing than the other sellers.

If the price is close, perhaps you could offer free shipping or hassle-free returns.

Selling online in any way is all about building trust and a good reputation and it is up to you to make sure the quality of your customer service exceeds that of your rivals.

Talking to your customers is also a good idea, as then they feel they are more than just a number. Ask if they have received their order and if they are happy with it.

For the few minutes it takes to do these things, your store will be remembered, and you will build a loyal customer base.

Looking after existing customers takes less effort and is cheaper than trying to find new customers. You should give this some priority.


Provide more information for your customers

The more information you provide about your products, the better.

A good, clear picture and relevant information will increase the trust people have in your store and make them more likely to buy.

Consumers will often buy from an informative store rather than a cheaper one as they like to know exactly what they are purchasing.

You will get fewer returns if your customers understand more about the item they are purchasing.


Make your eBay store a success

Your business may well have its own website as well as selling in an eBay store. If this is the case, you should link the two as that will help to take customers from one to the other with ease.

Use social media to promote it and there is every possibility that you will soon collect new followers and users to them both. 

An eBay store is like any other businesses in the respect that you have to be prepared to work hard at it for it to be a success. But as many millions of sellers have shown, that is very possible.