First World War commemorated at Nantwich Museum


Following this weekend’s Armistice commemorations, a talk is due to be held at Nantwich Museum on Tuesday 20th November (at 2pm).

The museum is commemorating the centenary of the 1918 Armistice of the First World War with exhibitions and a talk.

Keith Lawrence will give a talk ‘The Great War 1914-1920 (and other facts you thought you knew)’ where he will consider the grand narrative of the war, its myths and legends.

The war created turmoil in Europe from which stories we have seen and heard so often have entered the British psyche and are believed to be true.

Unfortunately, a number are gross untruths, whilst others are at best misunderstandings as different events are conflated to simplify a complex story.

Tickets cost £4 (museum members £3) and are available from the museum. Booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Empowerment of Women – a local perspective’, an exhibition in the Your Space Gallery, examines ways in which women involved in the war were reflected locally.

The suffrage cause was strengthened during the First World War by women successfully taking on many jobs which had previously been done only by men, whilst the men went off to fight.

When the war ended, women were prepared for a wider participation in public life. 

Other exhibitions in the museum feature memorabilia, including medals from the period and also the Herbert St John Jones 1915 painting ‘The Angels of Mons’.

Entry to the museum and exhibitions is free.


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