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28 March, 2020


Hop back to good health quicker than the Easter bunny



Many of us may be off for a four-day weekend over Easter, but taking a few steps now could mean you’re fighting off any minor illnesses and injuries – hopping back to good health faster than the Easter bunny!

Having a well-stocked medicine cabinet costs less than £10, say hospital bosses, and this can mean you’ll be able to tackle symptoms of coughs, colds, hay fever and stomach upsets as soon as they appear, before they hamper your Easter egg hunt.

If you trip or slip whilst you’re out in the garden, park or nature trail, having a first aid kit ready to go will let you treat cuts, scrapes, sprains and strains as soon as you’re injured.

NHS South Cheshire CCG and NHS Vale Royal CCG are providing the tips to help you prepare for this bank holiday and beyond.

Dr Sinead Clarke, GP and clinical director for the CCGs, said: “We can cross our fingers and hope for good weather, but we can be prepared and make sure minor illnesses or injuries won’t spoil our bank holiday weekend.

“You can fill your medicine cabinet now for less than £10, having the painkillers and allergy tablets along with medicines for tummy troubles and sore throats ready when you need them.”

Items to consider include:

• Painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol – 25p each (junior paracetamol £1.90)

• Aspirin – 30p

• Antihistamines for allergies – £2.50 for a month’s supply

• Diarrhoea relief – £1

• Constipation relief – £1.60

• Throat lozenges – 99p

• Antacid – 99p

Dr Clarke added: “Your local pharmacist will be able to help you pick the over-the-counter medicines you need.

“Some pharmacies are also open over the bank holiday, so will be a great place to go and get medical advice, rather than waiting for an appointment you probably don’t need.

“If you need urgent medical advice, the NHS 111 telephone service is a free phone number provided by North West Ambulance Service. They will give you the advice you need, or direct you to the service best for your need.”

You can find out more self-care advice, information on which local pharmacy is open and when, along with more details about services available to you over the bank holiday weekend on the CCGs’ websites: