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2 April, 2020


Know Your Cheshire – White Nancy


White Nancy is a white, sugar-loaf shaped structure located just on the edge of the rural town of Bollington, near Macclesfield, at the top of Kerridge Hill.

Whilst the jury is out on precisely why it is actually called White Nancy, we do know that it was built as a commemorative structure to mark victory at the Battle of Waterloo.

Some say the structure was named after one of the Gaskell daughters (the family who built it) whilst others say it was named after a horse that hauled stone for the structure up the steep hill.

White Nancy was commissioned by John Gaskell Jnr, of North End Farm, in 1817 and was originally used as a summerhouse – although visitors toady will note that there is no longer any access to the interior.

The inside of White Nancy comprises a single room, with a circular seat surrounding it and a stone table at its centre.

The external paintwork of White Nancy is most often plain white – with a black finial on top. It was painted pink in 2005 by vandals.

Aside from this, White Nancy is quite often decorated – for instance, in 2012 it was painted with a crown to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, before being repainted with Olympic rings to mark the London Games.

Over the weekend of 19th-21st June 2015, a programme of events took place to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the victory at the Battle of Waterloo.

This event also celebrated the structure’s 200th anniversary and again a special paintwork was designed to mark the occasion.

White Nancy was voted the most-loved local landmark in a competition run by Macclesfield Borough Council.


What else is there…?

The town of Bollington plays hosts to The Bollington Festival, an event which takes place at irregular intervals of four to seven years – the next event being scheduled for 2019, and the previous being held in 2014.

There is also an annual ‘Bollington 10K’ event which sees runners from all around the region take part.

For those looking for a more sedate way to take in all that the area has to offer, there are numerous walks nearby – including one which takes in the ridge and White Nancy.

The Middlewood Way also runs through the town, as does the Macclesfield Canal, via an impressive aqueduct. There is also a Discovery Centre and Arts Centre based in the town.

Bollington has plenty of great pubs too, so if you’re looking to take a stroll up to White Nancy there are plenty of choices for refreshment afterwards!


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