Labour candidate for Macclesfield revealed



This article was first published on 1st February 2018

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On Wednesday 17th January, there was a meeting of 150 eligible local Labour Party members to hear presentations from three shortlisted candidates contesting the right to stand for the Macclesfield constituency at the next general election.

Whilst there has been no general election date announced, and no plans to hold one imminently, the party is preparing itself for the campaign to come – and local party members have now selected the person they would like to see included on the ballot paper.

All three potential Labour candidates – Kevin Anderson, Neil Puttick and Imran Yousef – gave an opening address of 5 minutes then spent 15 minutes answering questions set by members at the meeting.

All three are said to have acquitted themselves well, which was much appreciated by the membership. After the votes were counted, Neil Puttick was selected by the constituency.

The Macclesfield town councillor, and previous Labour parliamentary candidate, received almost 20,000 votes in the last election which he argues turned Macclesfield into a marginal constituency.

During his presentation, Neil said: “We stand for common sense, a Labour Party that lives in the area, that listens to the local people on real issues and takes action.

“We know what we stand for, we know how to win it, so let’s do it. In 2018, it’s time for a brighter politics in Macclesfield.”

Commenting after his selection, Neil added: “It’s great to see so many people from across our constituency – Bollington, Disley, Macclesfield, Poynton – sharing thoughts and questions to build the Labour Party we want.”

Neil now hopes to replace David Rutley as the area’s next MP.

Neil is speaking at the Save Our NHS demonstration taking on Saturday 3rd February in the Market Place in Macclesfield at midday.

He will also be touring the constituency to find out constituents’ views on plans for the Millbrook Unit at Macclesfield Hospital and about mental health services in the area.