Free after three…?

20 February, 2020


Readers’ Letters: Poem – ‘Alternative Tatton Hall’


Dean Fraser sent us this poem about Tatton Hall, saying: “I guess we all get what speaks to us out of any experience.”

To find out more about Dean and his poetry, visit:


The day is beautiful

Sun resplendent in clear blue sky

Happy smiling faces look out of car windows

As we walk past deer

Birds welcoming us with song

Observing from their trees

On a day such as this

Stillness, warm and just a little magical

Driving into Tatton seems a shame

Strolling brings new experiences

Unnoticed by the many

Scents and sounds, sensory delight

Eventually commercial encounters

Joining the throngs of the craft fair

Acquiring hand painted cards

Watercolour originals worth braving crowds

Then culture can wait no more

Into the Hall we venture

Our picnic cannot come with us

Left in safe keeping

As through history we browse

Peeking into lives and ways of living

We answer the invite of the gardens

Nature embracing us once again

A tree is climbed, well a little

Don’t tell anyone…shhh

Backpacks retrieved walking resumes

Searching for the spot

An oasis of calm in the height of summer heat

The canopy of trees protect us

Meditation and then food

A rabbit watches us

“Hello fellow lettuce munchers!”

He seems to say

And then in an instance he is gone

We linger a little longer

Talking and reading

Watching cars leaving in the distance

Against the heat haze they queue for exit

Later when they are all departed

In the early evening sun 

Steps are gently retraced

Taking our leave of Tatton  

For now…


Dean Fraser – The Quantum Poet