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19 September, 2019


Readers’ Letters: Poem – ‘Retracing Steps’


Dean Fraser sent us this poem about Macclesfield, saying: “A trip I made a few years ago to all my old haunts in Macclesfield.”

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It started with a desire to walk those streets

The one’s the less worldly me once walked

I left a part of myself there it seems

Time to reconnect, reclaim

Look up old friends


Like most places do given fifteen years

Macclesfield had transformed, changed 

Taking a little time to get my bearings

The market has moved it seems

Old location now resides under a building


Chestergate, a point of familiarity 

Once cars travelled here, no more

Freedom to walk unhindered

Grosvenor mall, salad baps from famous bakery

Just like all those years before


A bench, sitting pondering and eating

The faces in the town may be unfamiliar

Some things never change

Beautiful buildings feast for any eyes

Hills still protectively overlook


Walking the 108 steps in both directions

Feel the past under my feet

Mine and thousands of others

Cobbled streets with their own story to tell

Some other time perhaps…


Yet this is never nostalgia

Oh no, anything but nostalgia

The town has evolved, moved on

Just as I have and once did

Cheshire is in my heart… always will be


Dean Fraser – The Quantum Poet


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