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11 November, 2019


Taste Cheshire to get you cooking at annual food festival


Attendees at this year’s Taste Cheshire Food and Drink Festival will have the opportunity to take part in a range of fabulous cookery classes thanks to Brian Mellor, proprietor of Harthill Cookery School.

Festival organiser Briony Wilson explained: “This is yet another free activity that festival visitors can take part in, and bringing Brian Mellor and Harthill to the festival just puts the icing on the cake for our big names and great activities at this year’s event.

“Brian has been a driving force behind the advancement of our young chefs for so long and now we see many of his protegees opening and starring their own venues.

“He is the perfect choice, with his award-winning cookery school, to deliver cooking classes for our many visitors. I know they will love it.”

Briony added: “There will be multiple times during the day that you can come and learn how to create great food simply and easily by following what Brian is doing.

“You will be able to prepare and cook the food yourself, pick up tips and – best of all – eat it afterwards!”



The core of Brian’s career has always been to pass on and develop skills.

He said: “For well over 25 years now I have been teaching people to cook, be it children, student chefs and chefs as well as enthusiastic members of the public.

“It’s such a buzz watching someone master a skill standing proudly by what they have done.

“Our sessions are relaxed, fun and friendly – but loaded with tips and techniques to help people on their culinary journey.

“I am really looking forward to our classes at the festival and meeting all the people who share my love of food and drink. It will be great fun.”

Booking for the Harthill classes is recommended, and this can be done after purchasing your ticket to the festival.

The festival runs over 3 days from Easter Saturday until Easter Monday and is hosted by Chester Racecourse.

Cooking demonstrations, as well as cooking classes for kids and adults, are all free for those who attend.

Tickets start from just £8 online, with children under 12 free.

For more information and to buy your tickets, go to: