‘The Human Costs of the Civil War’


A talk at Nantwich Museum by Professor Andrew Hopper 


A  talk by Professor Andrew Hopper of The University of Leicester entitled ‘The Human Costs of the Civil War’ will take place at Nantwich Museum at 2pm on Friday 15th February.

Tickets are available from the museum (£4 per person, £3 for museum members).

Andrew Hooper is a professor of English local history who teaches modules on religion, politics and local identities in early modern England with a special interest in allegiance and the local experiences of the British Civil Wars.

He is co-editor of the book ‘Battle-scarred: Mortality, Medical Care and Military Welfare in the British Civil Wars’ published in 2018, which examines human costs and ways they left physical and mental scars at the time of the British Civil Wars.

The book enables an understanding of the experiences of common people, the provision of military care, how military welfare operated and the means by which people endured the traumatic catastrophe of the conflict.

Professor Hooper’s research field is the religion and political culture of early modern England, including notions of honour, memory and reputation, and more specifically the Civil Wars.


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