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2 April, 2020


Three cheers for ‘British Racing Green’


When you think of traditional vehicle colours, British Racing Green is bound to spring to mind fairly readily.

It’s no longer considered a colour of choice amongst many motor dealers, which is perhaps strange given its iconic status as a shade.

Chris Jackson is a man who knows what he likes when it comes to the colour of his cars – and he likes British Racing Green!

So much so, in fact, that he now has a set of three vehicles in the well-known hue.

Chris explained: “In October last year I bought a classic Mini, which just so happened to be in British Racing Green.

“It’s a little gem, as despite being 28 years old, its only covered 5,700 miles.

“Just a few weeks later we decided to change my wife Pat’s maroon Mini Cooper for a British Racing Green Mini Cooper S.

“It then seemed wrong that I was driving a silver Jaguar XK, so I began looking for one in – you guessed it – British Racing Green!”

Thankfully he found a beautiful British Racing Green Jaguar XK and completed his hat-trick of British Racing Green cars.

Which other British Racing Green vehicles do you think Chris should add to his collection?

Perhaps an up-to-date Jaguar F-Type to compliment his wife’s new-shape Mini, or maybe another classic model from a different marque?