Top 10 tips for getting active at work


It’s Monday morning, not especially the time most associated with activity and energy, however, we all know we should be moving more and staying active.

The benefits of being active are endless; helping to reduce stress, weight loss and generally living a happier and healthier life.

If the gym isn’t really your cup of tea (you’re not alone!) then why not think about getting active where you spend most of your time… at work?

Here are ten top tips for being more active in the workplace.


  1. Standing desks– Standing desks are a really simple way to increase your activity levels, and are much better for your back than sitting down. Buying a standing desk can be worthwhile purchase for the office, as you can even use a cabinet that is large enough and at the right height.
  1. Walking meetings– Need to have a meeting at work? Why not take a stroll when doing so. The rule of thumb is that during a 10 minute walk you will do around 1,000 steps! Imagine that, getting fresh air, being productive and burning off that muffin from lunch. Being active also inspires creativity so if you’re stuck on a problem, just going for a walk could be the answer. It will also help with those people who like to waffle on…. we all know who they are!
  1. Table tennis– For under £10 you can get a clip on table tennis net and bats. This is a great way to turn a desk or table into a place of fun for 5 minutes. You can even set up a tournament to see who the ping pong office champion will be!
  1. Standing phone call– As well as all the benefits it gives you anyway, standing whilst on the phone is a great sales trick when on the phone with clients to project more energy during the call. Smashing targets and burning calories… winning!
  1. Use the stairs instead of the lift– Where possible using the stairs is an easy way to make a quick difference. 10 minutes of climbing the stairs (which is easily achievable in a day!) can burn a whopping 102 calories! Do that for a full week and you’ve earned yourself an extra chocolate bar on the weekend.
  1. Parking further away– When heading to the office or out for a meeting, why not park further away from the building. This means you have to take those extra few steps to the door. Especially great for the sunny days or when it’s not raining.
  1. Walk to speak to your colleagues– Instead of emailing or calling your colleague from inside the same building, go and speak to them. It’s a good way of seeing more of the office space you work in and a quicker way to get an answer from them!
  1. Sit on an exercise ball– Replacing your chair with an exercise ball has amazing benefits! It keeps your energy up, great for your core strength and helping to improve your overall posture.
  1. Talk to an expert– How about talking to an expert on the matter? Physical activity advisors can offer creative solutions on how employers and employees alike can both benefit from building a happier and healthier workforce.
  1. Make it fun– Last but not least, make it fun! If you do not make it fun, it will never happen. No one wants to embed boring habits. Think about creative ways to make it fun or incentivise doing so, and you’ll thank yourself later.