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2 April, 2020


Winsford Women’s Day 2018 with MP Antoinette Sandbach


Residents of Winsford celebrated 100 years of some women having the right to vote at the second annual Winsford Women’s Day event, held close to International Women’s Day 2018.

Hosted by Motherwell Cheshire, a packed schedule of interactive workshops, demonstrations and talks geared towards the theme of ‘Press for Progress’ took place at Winsford Academy.

MP Antoinette Sandbach opened the event, addressing the women and men in attendance by looking back at the history of the suffragette movement in both Winsford and Eddisbury.

She said: “Those who came before us suffered awful treatment at the hands of the authorities, and endured it because they knew that their fight was just.”

Talking on contemporary issues facing women, MP Antoinette Sandbach, added: “Today, women occupy the commanding heights of British public life.

“All three branches of government have women at the top. This is a very different world from the one our predecessors encountered.

“We live in a different world today, but not an ideal one. There’s a long way to go until we are truly equal.

“I am proud that under this government we have reduced the gender pay gap to historic lows. But it still exists today.

“I am proud that there are more women in parliament than ever before, but if you add up all women to have ever sat in parliament, it still doesn’t equal the number of men that sit in this one.”

A mix of inspirational and fun sessions followed the opening speech, with football demonstrations from Winsford Diamonds JFC and dance performances from Magenta Dance as well as Fabb Fitness leading an interactive stretching session aimed at inspiring the women present.

Women were also able to gain advice from the many stall holders offering health and wellbeing support throughout the day.

Motherwell CEO Kate Blakemore closed the event.

She said: “Today has been our second Women’s Day in Winsford. I love the community spirit in the town and I feel this is evident from what we have achieved today.

“Women’s Day to me is about celebrating local success and inspiring the next generation as well as the most vulnerable members of society, who, due to circumstances, have lost their confidence to move forward with life.

“As a counsellor and working within the Motherwell team, we work with women who have suffered unimaginable neglect, abuse and many with no support networks to move them forward.

“Such women believe that their voice carries no weight, but when women support women, this can change.”


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